Life After Ostomy: Tips to Make the Recovery Process More Bearable

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Life after ostomy may be a bit challenging for some to adapt to. There are certain adjustments that you have to make but with proper tips and guidelines, you can bear with it and speed up your recovery. After your surgery, you may still need to stay at the hospital. This is the time when you’ll undergo the initial phase of your recovery.

Your stoma nurse will inform you about caring for your stoma, as well as the steps involved in emptying and changing the bag. You will also learn about keeping your stoma, as well as its surrounding skin free of irritation and clean. Listen to everything that your nurse tells you so you’ll know exactly how to handle yourself once you get home.

Once you’re at home, here are some tips that can help you recover fast:

  1. Be aware of the foods that you can safely include in your diet – You can ask your doctor about the foods that you can eat, particularly within the first few days or weeks after your surgery. Each time you eat, though, make it a point to record everything and its effects to your digestion. Remember that different foods also have different effects on your digestive tract so you need to figure out which one is safe enough for you.
  1. Learn what activities and sports you can safely take part in – Your surgery shouldn’t be a reason for you not to exercise. Keep in mind that exercise and physical activities are still vital parts of your health. That said, you should ask your doctor about the safest sports and activities that you can perform each day.

    If you want to try doing low-impact yet highly effective ways to stay fit and increase your energy, then consider activities like walking and swimming. When you’re planning to take up sport, remember that you need to do it gradually. Seek the advice of your nurse and doctor so you’ll know the perfect time to start doing your regular exercises and your favorite sports.
  1. Maintain a healthy body weight – Ensure that you’re doing things that can keep you in shape. Do not neglect your health and weight. Note that if you become overweight or obese, causing extra fat to be deposited in your abdominal wall, then your stoma will have an extremely difficult time performing its function properly.
  1. Socialize – Your stoma shouldn’t cause you to limit your social activities. Do not prevent yourself from socializing and enjoying life with the people you love. It could be a quiet drink in your favorite bar, dining out with your partner, or meeting your friends. However, make sure to set small targets if the stoma is still new.

    Simple activities that you can try doing during the initial phases of your recovery are visiting a restaurant close to you, visiting a relative, or enjoying a day outdoors. Gradually, you will notice that you’re bringing your life back to normal by booking a trip or dancing.

There’s no reason for you to let go of all the things and activities that you were used to in the past just because you underwent ostomy. It is because there are actually plenty of ways to recover fast and start enjoying life once again after the procedure.